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The company was favored by the capital market and completed a round of financing of 100 million yuan
396 2022-04-01
Recently, the company was favored by the capital market, and was jointly invested by Bridging Capital and Tyrannosaurus Capital to complete a 100 million yuan Series A financing. Founded in 2012, MXW Device (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. insists on providing customers with various consumer electronics high-quality, high-reliability chip products and solutions, and is committed to becoming a world-class chip designer. The founder of the company has been deeply involved in the chip design industry for many years, with no distractions and determination to move forward.
After the completion of this round of financing, the company will increase investment in the design and research and development of mid-to-high-end integrated circuits, and continue to improve research and development capabilities and production capacity; at the same time, it will strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream industries to provide energy storage for future growth and provide customers with better products and services.